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Osu Corporation is an OmniChannel Marketing Solution that provides true 1:1 human-to-human connection for brands and advertisers who are looking to reach targeted customers across digital, social, mobile, traditional and DRM. Our solution is powered by integrated proprietary technology and database partners that allow us to identify, map, and transmit your message to your audience on every channel, platform and device.

“To communicate effectively, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Anthony Robbins

ID: Consumer Database Development .......................................................................

Channels We Service

Thanks to more than 55 data partners, an amazing social listening platform, and 33,000 different data sets, we know your audience and we know how to communicate with them.

Online/Offline profile matching and programmatic buying services allow us to directly target customers and prospects wherever they might be.

OmniChannel marketing is targeted marketing through a diverse spectrum of channels.

It is 1:1 human-to-human connection across digital, social, mobile, e-mail, or even direct mail.

Psychographic analysis allows us to map a strategy specific to your target customer.

We then observe how people engage and interact with your brand in order to create a branded experience that promotes positive responses in consumers.

Osu Corporation uses detailed data to help campaigns reach potential customers.

Specifically, the kind of customers that will repeat buy, and tout your brand. Social incentives can further encourage consumers to share directly with their influencers and friends, carrying your brand to an even larger audience.

What sets us apart?

We utilize our proven methodology to ID your target customers,
MAP a journey to drive engagement and conversions, and finally TRANSMIT a unified message. We are not a spray and pray ad agency.


Your ROI is our KPI.

Some of our Brands

Programmatic / Display






How to market your cupcake

Our Process


First, we identify your target audience. Psychographic data is used to beef up your current database or to help build a new, targeted database. Once we know who your customers are, we map out their OmniChannel journey through display, social, e-mail, mobile, video, TV, radio, or direct mail in the most effective way to meet or exceed your ROI goals.



ID: Identify your target customer


We do extensive research and data analysis, utilizing our 55 data partners to cross-reference over 33,000 data sets to target the right customers for your specific brand. Once we know who your ideal customer is, we can determine what channels they are most active on, and how best to communicate with them.

By using data-centric customer profiles, we can map a route to deliver your message through customers’ preferred media channels in a way that engages and appeals to them.

Map: Communicate with your customer, your exact customer.



Transmit: Deliver the right message directly to your customer, consistently.

Once you know who your audience is and how they like to communicate, you can speak to them directly.
Osu Corporation transmits your brand’s message across the mapped channels while simultaneously monitoring and analyzing the data to ensure the best results.

We pair and match profiles

to create an effective customer

experience and journey.


Let’s Start Your Campaign

We are Osu Corporation and you?

Who We Are.

Founded in 2005, Osu Corporation has rapidly grown to become an industry leader in building innovative brands across multiple platforms.


Our energetic team of experienced professionals help Osu Corporation stand out with exceptional ideas, technology, and marketing experts.


We are always expanding our brand range and are currently on track to launch four new brands by the second quarter of this year. This makes us one the fastest growing digital branding companies in the categories of health, beauty, and fashion.


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